Zero is power my friends. You will be there right now wondering what the f@ck is he talking about now?

Let me give you some examples and see if you come up with what zero is.

Have you ever give/provide, something valuable to someone and you were having the (false) expectation that something of the same value (or at least of less value) will be returned to you? Or have you ever helped someone to overcome a difficult situation and when you needed them nothing was returned to you?

Well here’s the thing my friends! Life’s a bitch! We don’t really get what we wish for, but what we do get, is what we work for. When we start expecting anything from other that’s a weakness. And that’s the kind of weakness that hurts.

Let me give you another example and see if you can find any similarities with you as well. Have you ever got promoted or started your own company or moved to a better job or bought the house of your dreams and when you shared your happiness with your… (so-called) friends their reaction was not what you have expected? Or more importantly, if you found out that your, friends were talking behind your back against you? And even worst they were talking against you to your enemies? Do you remember how did that make you feel? Betrayed? Fuming? Miserable?

F@ck that!

Now, let us press the rewind button and go back a bit. So, you got the promotion that you worked so hard to get or you have launched the company that you’ve (spit sweat blood and tears to launch) always wanted or you have finally bought the house of your dreams but now the difference is that you have ZERO expectations from no one. Let me say it one more time. You have ZERO e x p e c t a t I o n s from no one – NOTHING in return!

Do you realize what is that? Having ZERO expectations from anyone apart from yourself? That’s real power my friends and that’s the power that can really set you free to do what you have always wanted without expecting or seeking permission or approval by others.

I have really, really, really struggled to counter that. Growing up in a culture where the approval of others comes first, I’ve fought with some very nasty demons to overcome that, but I can tell you now and without a doubt that from the moment, when I break those chains holding me confined, my true power got unleashed.

When we don’t rely on others WE are in charge of the game that’s called life. When we have zero expectations from others to help us, accept us or be happy for us, we are then in the position to build the blueprint of our lives using our own ink.

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Stay Vibrant – Stay Safe


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