How many times have you heard people saying to you that you can’t do it? No that’s so difficult for you to succeed. No, I don’t believe you’ve got what it takes to make this happen? I don’t believe you should do it because you are going to get hurt or bankrupt.
Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does!
Well, I heard it so many times. I have been discouraged more times than I have been encouraged. And mostly, from the people that they are closer to me. They might do it from jealousy, they might do it from care not wanting to see us getting hurt, they might do it because they didn’t have the guts to do it themselves.
Whatever the reason, they will do it!
Some years ago, I would take them for granted. I would diminish my dreams and maybe bury them under the hope that someday, will somehow, in some magical way these dreams will become true.
I’ am telling you now, nothing ever happens if we don’t make the first step. Nothing will never happen if we don’t put in the work first. Nothing will ever change without us making the sacrifices that are needed for the change to take place. Nothing, zero, nada, miden!
This is our game, this is our life, this is our time, this is our dream. Why shall we listen to other people opinions about our lives? Are you getting this? Let me say it one more time. Why, shall we listen, OTHER people opinions for OUR lives – for OUR dreams.
Don’t get me wrong, we will most definitely seek advice on many things, but are we really need to blow our dreams away based on other people opinions? Most definitely not!
Why I’m writing this? I have always wanted to write something in public as I feel the urge to positive influence as many people as I can, in order for them to follow their dreams and their passions.
If you are reading this I thank you. You gave me your time and I feel so grateful for that. If you liked this short writing please feel free to share it.
On the next article, I will share with you a personal story of how I have managed to overcome one of the biggest struggles of my life.
Thank you and Stay Safe!
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