My intent is, in a period of 100 days to convince as many people as I possibly can to install smoke alarms at their homes…

If you find the above line interesting keep reading!

Smoke alarms save lives. I’m quite certain that you have heard the term before.

Well, if you haven’t, this is the TRUTH.

In fact, you’re 4 times (UK Statistics) more likely to survive if you have a working smoke alarm at your home!

Smoke Alarms save lives every single day.

WHY do we need them?

The majority of fatalities occurring are between midnight and 6am when people are asleep.

Whilst we are asleep, our sense for smell decreases at the lowest level, therefore If there’s a fire, the dark, superheated, toxic and mega- fast smoke can (in a matter of seconds) get us unconscious and leave us for dead in our sleep.

Smoke is also known as the Silent Killer…

An ordinary house can be consumed by flames in less than four minutes. (Check out this video to see how fast the fire spreads)

In a fire situation every second counts.

In a fire situation, you have only a few minutes to escape.

What is a Smoke Alarm?

Smoke alarm simply stated is a device which gives a loud alarm, activated when smoke particles are detected. This signal should provide adequate escape time for the members of the premises to escape with safety!

The background

In Cyprus – where I live, people severely lack interest in regards to the importance of the smoke alarms and in Fire Safety in general. I might get criticized for this statement but this is the truth and I’m ready to answer any backfire from this.

In fact, when I created my company the Fire Safety Training Providers (FSTP) Cyprus I gave the following motto:

Our aim is to make a shift in culture in regards to Fire Safety in Cyprus…

This might sound like an exaggerated goal but for me a goal must be something big, something compelling, something that pulls me – similar with the massive planet Jupiter, where it’s gravitational force, is so powerful that it likely prevented the formation of a planet between itself and Mars in the region known as the asteroid belt.   

My #100daysToSaveLivesCampaign

As a Fire Professional and frankly speaking as a human being, I feel compelled to raise awareness in regards to the dangers of fire. I find it deeply disturbing that thousands of people are perished every year due to the lack of a simple smoke alarm.

I simply cannot live with that. I will do whatever is in my powers in order to raise awareness in regards to Fire Safety and mainly for the use of smoke alarms at homes.

Therefore, starting tomorrow the 17th of February 2019 (my birthday) and for the next 100 days, I’m on a mission to save lives.

Despite the fact that my company sells smoke detectors I will not sell a single smoke detector throughout this campaign.

I will direct people from where to get them if they wish but I will surely not be making any money out of it.

In fact, if there are families who find it difficult to purchase them due to financial constraints, I’m willing to provide them for free!

I will be documenting my journey throughout this campaign HERE at the Facebook page created specifically for this campaign.

I don’t want to save any lives as I don’t wish anyone’s house to be engulfed into flames and to be in danger but at least I’d do everything in my powers to safeguard them.

There is one line from the movie Schindler’s List that has always moved me that says;

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire…

I want to invite everyone to join me on this campaign of life – let us make our voice louder!

Thank you for reading this – It means the world to me.

Stay Safe and if you fancy connect with me on social media: