I have not always been fit. Actually, during the most part of my childhood, I have been an obese child. This, in conjunction with some other issues experienced at a younger age, has contributed to being bullied extensively by other students.  Although, in this article, I will not talk about the bullying issues faced at the time (as this is covered on another article) but I will talk about my own personal perspective in regards to physical fitness.

I remember myself watching guys in the gym running like ‘’crazy’’ (thought at the time) on the treadmill or at the beach road and I was thinking, ‘how do they do that?’ I have always wanted to be able to run fast, lift heavy been unstoppable on everything.

At the beginning of my journey and as described on a previous article I have been through fucking hell to escape from obesity and everyone who did the same I believe you can feel and concur of what am talking about.

My voyage through fitness has been (still is) quite adventurous and I can honestly tell you that I have tried a lot of fitness programs, routines, and methodologies.

Plain running, swimming, martial arts (Muay Thai and MMA), cycling, CrossFit, weightlifting, fitness programs (Pilates, yoga, cardio programs) and so on.

I remember myself climbing on the trees (with people watching me like crazy 😉), inspired from Erwan Le Corre and his MovNat which is based on the practice of the full range of natural human movement skills, developing physical competency and conditioning that is applicable to any area of life.

I have actually enjoyed practicing MovNat, and I got quite fit as well whilst enjoying barefoot running on the seafront or climbing trees like a monkey. I know it might sound funny to you but it worked for me. Actually, it is through this workout that I have managed to do pull-ups.

That’s correct, from lifting myself on the trees I have managed to get my body stronger to accomplish what I believed was at the time impossible to achieve. Actually, MovNat was incorporating everything, running, swimming, free-diving (yes, I am a free-diver as well), lifting heavy stones and wood logs, jumping, crawling and much more!

I am the type of guy that I get bored easily. I don’t like standard things and especially, for a long time. I like variety, action and I like to push myself to my limits. I have been criticized a lot for doing that (especially from people that they care for me and by those who saw that I was becoming better than them), for pushing myself to the limits; but I have discovered that it is through those moments that I have evolved and became stronger.

The job of a firefighter and as it is well known, is very demanding, both physically and mentally. It requires an amazing grade of efforts in regards to cardio and muscle endurance, strength, agility and a HUGE amount of willpower to keep going.

Imagine wearing personal protective equipment weighing approximately 30kg in combine and pulling a hose full of water whilst ascending/descending mountains (wildfires) or a ladder or a staircase whilst firefighting.

Hard Work AND I fucking love it 😉

To be continued…

Thank you for reading,

Stay Vibrant – Stay Safe

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