A friend asked me today, why you have built your own personal webpage? Are you going to build an e-shop as well to sell fire extinguishers or something?

My answer was short (very short actually) but represented exactly what I felt. I said to him that I want to document my whole journey, both into business and life.

In 10 years’ time, I want my children to be able to read or watch their father’s steps into business and life. And I will try to document everything. And the next question to me, of course, was, why you don’t do it privately?

Simple answer again. Why shall I? I don’t have anything to hide and if through my blog, I help even one more person to overcome an obstacle then it will be fucking worth it.

And now, in my 33 years, I feel more driven than ever to create and document. Imagine if we were able to see our parents or grandparents life’s experiences through a blog, vlog, podcast or any other medium?

How amazing would that be?

But who else would be interested to see us on YouTube or to read our blog?


Have you ever caught yourself reading something that you wrote 5-10 years ago and you were like; who the fuck wrote this? How awesome is it to be able to see our self-evolvement through the years?

This feeling keeps me driven a lot. Because at the end of the day, our greatest competitor it’s us.

Just a short Monday night rant, I hope you like it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Stay Vibrant – Stay Safe

Thanks for reading,


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