Question the Impossible


Avgoustinos Hadjiyiannis is the founder and CEO of Fire Safety Training Providers (FSTP Cyprus). A fire service manager, with more than 13 years under his belt as a professional firefighter with UK Fire and Rescue Services, he is following his dream streamlined with his company motto; ‘’Our aim is to make a shift in culture in regards to Fire Safety in Cyprus’’ FSTP Cyprus is the first company in Cyprus that exclusively delivers bespoke, high standard, Fire Safety training.

A restless, dedicated, empathetic and disciplined individual, Avgoustinos is always eager to evolve himself and others. A strong believer of positivity, he is always keen to reveal and enhance the lives of others using his vibrant energy for life. ‘’My strongest motive is that I have only one life and I aspire to make a difference in this world. Hence the reason for launching FSTP. I want to help as many people as I can in regards to fire safety in order to radically minimize injuries and deaths as a consequence of fire. And I will never give up until i succeed’’.

Through this page and his posts, Avgoustinos seeks to inspire people not only in terms of fire safety matters but also inspiration for life.

‘’This my journey and I want it documented – Stay with me, i have so much to give to this world’’